1996 Marketing is a full service firm that is seeking to provide a wide range of expertise to both new and existing businesses. We want to be a marketing firm that serves every entrepreneur no matter how new their business is.


Marketing Icon Marketing Campaigns

Developing dynamic marketing campaigns that provide a consistent brand for your businesses. By implementing several key factors including elements of the marketing mix that provide the basic functionality of marketing in business.

Event Icon Event Management

When it comes to planning, marketing, or managing events 1996 marketing can help with every aspect. With innovative event management we can help your ideas come to life and create memorable occasions.

website-icon.jpg Website Development

We have experience with several website management platforms including builders such as WordPress, Weebly, and Wix. Through the utilization of such platforms we can help develop and manage websites for our clients.

social-media-icon.jpg Social Media Management

A consistent and full integrated social media presence is a key factor in driving customer relationships in today’s landscape. At 1996 Marketing we can help you deliver a well developed brand that encourages consumer engagement.

photography-icon.jpg Photography

With a variety of projects photography and videography prove to be a necessity in the marketing industry. It provides an illustration that consumers can relate to beyond traditional communication methods.

advertising-icon.jpg Advertising

One functionality that often gets attributed to marketing is advertising and the means thereof. We will work with a variety of platforms to promote your business in a way that utilizes the best consumer traffic potential.

copywriting2.jpg Copy Writing

Words are central to communication and severe as a basis for developing brand potential. We can develop copy for a variety of projects that best present the ideas you want to communicate throughout your company.

design-icon.jpg Design Work

With a variety of marketing needs our design work can help demonstrate the unique brand behind each company. From the initial logo to publications or social media content we have experience with a wide range of projects.

planning-icon.jpg Business Planning

The key feature to any business venture is having a general idea of the business model to which it follows. We have experience developing full business plan documents or simple business model canvases that align the company’s goals and strategies.


Please check out some of our projects on the Our Work page and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you fulfill the marketing potential of your business or project.